Sleep Coaching

When you become pregnant one of the things you hear frequently is how little sleep you will get.

And even though we all know what is coming we think we will be ok. I mean who hasn’t partied until 4am and then gone into work two hours later right? But its so much more than anyone can prepare you for.

It’s not just the sleep deprivation it’s the broken sleep. The small snippets of 30 minutes, an hour, then waking again. It’s that moment at 3am when they have been screaming for 3 hours and you don’t know what’s wrong and you think maybe your baby is broken. By this time, you are broken.

I decided to train as a sleep trainer because sleep deprivation has a huge part to play in post-natal depression and anxiety. When we are not getting enough sleep, we lose the cognitive ability to reason, to see clearly. We make assumptions which if fully rested we would know are unlikely or untrue.

Maybe you are a first-time mum and struggling to get any kind of routine, or your toddler refuses to go to sleep without 3 three hours of stories and singing. No two children are alike, and no two families are the same. I work from a holistic view point looking at solutions that work for you. At no point will you be leaving your child or baby to cry it out, my methods are gentle.

The overall aim is to give everyone a better night’s rest. A happy parent means a happy baby.